The single most important aspect of our relationship is also the most invasive we will, hopefully, need to be. Figuring out what if anything is going on is quite frankly half the game of keeping your smile healthy.

Diagnosing is at the core of what we do as without it, we are no able to clearly see the path to any solution, let alone the one that works best for you.

There are many moments during your visit that we are investigating and making sure all is within standards. We ask you not to be shy and bring to our attention any concern you have as it may contribute to the better outcome of your treatment and our relationship.

The most evident Diagnostic tool is our digital imaging and record keeping. The digital revolution has removed the bad and boring from the only way known today of acquiring pertinent information and review it at levels once thought an Isaac Asimov’s fiction concept. Radiography can be collected at a fraction of radiations and with virtually no waste of time and hazardous materials.

There are some ethical requirements for our office to operate and we would be more than happy to review any with you personally, but for your safety we reserve the right not to provide a service without sufficient X-rays or records. We take oaths ont this and it is one of those perfect instances of trust that we will never expose you to unnecessary radiation that may harm you.

Please direct any specific question at faq@drgeoffreydavis.com