Restorative Services

The intent of this page is to offer you a quick overview of some of the many services that we make available to bring your smile back in shape, quite literally.
Please use this information as a starting point at your next visit, or as a reference of what the conversation might have been at your last visit with Dr Davis, who reserves the right to recommend the  best course of action to address your concerns.

– Cavities: Wear and tear of the teeth may require a filling to compensate the damages that a cavity or other events might have caused to your teeth. It is important to patch such damages to avoid exposing the rest of the tooth to more damages and preserve its integrity for proper use and avoid exposing the entire body to unnecessary infections that might affect the area(tooth ache times 10 anybody?)

Silver fillings have been the standard of care for many years, offering great durability and functionality, unfortunately esthetically they represent a dark spot in the background of all your bigger laughs. Today resin materials are available and can match the shade of your natural teeth letting you smile without any reserve!

If the damage to your tooth is more extensive, a full crown restoration may be required to protect the underlying structure of your tooth. Today’s resin materials are a fantastic alternative to metal only crown restorations to present perfect match in shade and shape the rest of the smile.

– Missing tooth: If you are missing a tooth you do not have to miss all the fun. A gap in your smile can be easily replaced. Implants are the second set of teeth Mother Nature never gave us. With giant steps in techniques and esthetics, we are now able to permanently replace any missing tooth to match shade, shape and profile of your smile, without compromising the integrity of the adjacent teeth. With a success rate of 85%, and counting, Implants offer the best alternative in teeth replacement and smile makeovers working and looking just like your natural teeth.

Make an appointment today for a consult that can help you understand the options today available to you and your happiest moments.