Smile Enhancement

Our Office is always looking for ways to improve the smiles of our patients, but most importantly offer them real solutions to common problems that are very strongly related to oral health and overall health and quality of life.

In the many years of practice we could have not been luckier than today’s advancements in such fields.

Since 2008 we have been able to offer the revolutionizing Invisalign. Please do not hesitate to ask if you are a good candidate for this treatment that makes wearing braces, if not a pleasure, a sure easier pain to deal with. Instead of unsightly and often hard to clean traditional brace, we can offer clear retainers that progressively will help you straighten your teeth. While Invisalign is not for everyone, it is for most, and this system offers the flexibility that today’s life requires without sacrificing the need for good occlusion.

What if we told you that you are not a bad flosser, it’s your teeth that get in the way, well sort of. For example, crooked teeth are not necessarily bad for their looks,  as we believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your smile should express your own sense of esthetics, but we know how hard they are to keep clean and how prone to cavities in the hardest areas to reach, yes right where your popcorn kernel(we love popcorn) gets stuck, and floss seems just like a lost cause, and it might as well be. Some blame it on the floss not being what it used to, we are starting to suspect otherwise and keeping the teeth straight and not overcrowded will make at least isolating the culprit of our bad flossing behaviors easier.

How about those headaches that you get on the same side of the neck every Monday Morning and on the other side by Thursday? There is chance that it may be caused by the fact that you do not close your mouth symmetrically and might be straining one side of your mouth at every bite you take(the ones during our sleep count the most) or every breath you skip to take when you snore at night, even if it simply to go along with you partners’ and your dogs. There are retainers that can help you keep a bit of sanity or mouthgards that can help you fight the daily grinding of life and also brighten and shine the smile we put forward everyday so relentlessly and so all heartedly that deserves your best attention and care.

We are always ready to expand and explore on these options and solutions and we invite you to ask any question you may have at your next visit or simply drop us a line and we will get back to you as prompt as we can.