In order to provide you with a great new patient appointment, we have streamlined the process of gathering the preliminary information needed to set up an appointment.

When contacting us for the first time you will be asked to fill out forms which will be delivered to you via email in a Word processor editable document. A printable version will be emailed as well in case the editable file is not readable. We are working on providing other formats soon.

The forms allow us to provide you with information that would not be worth scrambling for at the time of your appointment, such as your x-rays history, or Insurance basic information. Some information in the forms may be confidential, you may chose to leave such information for when you come in, we will notify you in case we may actually need to obtain such info either via phone or fax.

We treat each and every communication, be it in person, via phone, or email, with the utmost privacy concerns as regulated by HIPAA. You will be presented with the HIPAA statement at your first visit.