We do not have too many written policies, but we feel some are needed. We mean on top of the safe keeping of OSHA and HIPAA, so that we have to hush out

Cell phone use is not permitted during your appointment at any time. Should you need to use it make sure it is ok with the clinician taking care of you that day and warn them of any specific circumstance. We clearly want to avoid startling the appointment so make sure it is turned off.

As with any business, we hold you responsible for any financial solvency of your account at the time of billing. This is also were we pass along a general Insurance disclaimer for which until the Insurance has received and reviewed an actual claim for services rendered, they do not guarantee any payment, and you are responsible for any copayment up to the agreed fee. If you have any question do not hesitate to ask prior any service so that we can help you understand who and what to ask to better prepare for any out of pocket expense you might need budgeting for.

We are a small business and we strive to offer punctual service. As a courtesy to our patients, we ask for at least 48 hours notice to change an appointment. Any changes with less than this time are subject to a Broken Appointment fee proportional to the time you leave vacant. Sometimes we are able to fill a spot very easily and we always try to do so, as we do not like being idle, but this is not always possible and we appreciate your understanding.

We consider your appointment time the time you are actually in our office and ready for our clinicians to take care of your smile, we cannot guarantee any appointment past ten minutes from the scheduled time, the daily schedule will dictate our flexibility. Make sure to allow enough time to travel, and parking, should you not chose the MBTA. Please notify us in a timely manner even if you are running late so that we can make arrangements when possible or reschedule should this delay make the appointment not possible. Not showing for your appointment without any notice makes you responsible for the full amount of the appointment scheduled.

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