Running an efficient office is a crucial aspect of the patient care we strive to provide you.

Would you like your Doctor to spend time running a business or learning how to make you smile better and improve your appointment experience?

Being a small business gives us the opportunity to mix the right amount of both.

The interest Dr Davis shares in understanding how to better provide for his patients, makes him hands on in the day to day operations and do not be surprised to catch him answering an email or two, and he is not shy to return calls when he is free.

Rest assured, that the email or phone call you will receive back from our office is the best answer we can provide you. As a matter of fact we encourage you to email for the specific reason to provide you with the best answer our office can provide you.

The email to reach our administrative resources is:

And it is just like if you are getting in touch with our front desk to process information update, appointment questions and requests. you can use this for your default email address for our office in addition to any other direct contact you may need for specific treatment questions.

We may not be there when you send the email, but we know how sometimes we come to mind at night, we will  get back to you during our regular business hours.